Apostolic Branding, Animation, and Web Design

By Ansley Creative
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Core Values

For the past five years, we have helped our clients communicate to their stakeholders with integrity and imagination.

We push conversations deeper to understand the unique needs of each and every client. Together we will plan and deliver not just a product, but a solution that works for you and brings measurable results.


Our Team

Jordan Ansley

Jordan Ansley

Jordan seeks to put the Kingdom first in everything he does. At 22, he left his full-time, salaried job as an Architectural Draftsperson to devote more time to pursuing the call of God and growing a business that serves the Apostolic church.

Jordan is currently leading the Young Adult ministry in Hamilton, ON.

Matthew Ansley

Matthew Ansley

Matthew has passion and talent for animation and production. Since the age of 15, he has been commisioned to produce videos for NAYC, Sheaves for Christ, Global Missions, Urshan College, and many other ministries.

Matthew is currenty Creative Director of the youth ministry at Lifepoint Church.

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Ministries We Work With

Jordan and Matthew are organized, concise, and work incredibly hard…

We exclusively utilize their services when being intentional about providing the most beautiful and functional content.

Evan Zenobia

Curriculum Coordinator, Link247

Ansley Creative brings a lot to the table!

If you’re looking for a professional and creative team that won’t break the budget, do yourself a favor and reach out to them.

Josh Carson

President, UPCI Youth Ministries

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Executive Pastor, Lifepoint Church

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Director of Marketing and Events, Urshan College


More than just a logo, branding is about seizing every opportunity to engage others while advancing your church mission, shaping culture, and defining values.


We design and print custom Invite cards, Banners, T-Shirts, Welcome Booklets, Signage, Mugs, and more.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine the value of video. Animation brings ideas to life in a way that engages audiences like no other medium.

Video Marketing

People are looking for churches online, and video marketing is among the most engaging and effective ways to communicate your church to your community,

Web Design

We put guests first when designing any website. Function and beauty, not one over the other. Fully-responsive and search engine optimized.


Every website we build is hosted securely on powerful servers that are backed up nightly.

Tips For Marketing Your Youth Weekend

Oh my goodness, that youth weekend is sneaking up fast! All the to-dos are swirling around in a soup of extra long days and late-night burgers and fries. This is the exact scenario I find myself in year after year as we head into our annual Youth Weekend at Lifepoint....

5 Social Media Post Ideas for Churches

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